How To Tighten Strut Mount Bolt

How To Tighten Strut Mount BoltRemoving my strut brace in the next few in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. If necessar y, use a ladder, for example Step VAS6292/4, to when installing the bolts. Ive got the struts out but im stuck getting the top bolt off,. Remove the strut assembly from the car, compress the spring to a reasonable level but leave it where it's still supplying pressure on the strut top. 6) Raise car again until tyre is hanging freely. Reinstall the strut assembly in reverse order, starting with the top bolts. Buy a new strut mount, take the new strut to your mechanic and have the strut mount replaced. Then, stick an allen wrench thru the socket and loosen the center bolt that you need to loosen. Clip the brake flexi hose, the ABS cable and the pad warning light cables back into the strut clips. Fig 9: Identifying Upper Strut Mount Bolts C our tesy of VO L K S WAGE N GRO U P O F AME RI C A, I NC. If your truck has positive camber that needs correcting, you will want to install the Ingalls bolts in the upper strut holes so that the bolt cam lobes face towards the engine. Lift new strut assembly into the wheel well and finger tighten the four nuts on the strut tower. The rod-nut is supposed to tighten down. The fancy socket there is a 13/16″ Sparkplug socket with the rubber insert removed. I used a socket/ratchet to hold the center nut and the open end of wrench to tighten it, its only tightened to 18 ftlbs so you can guaged it by hand, I had to . Tried looking for some details on a torque spec for these, but could only find the spec for the three nuts on the strut cap, and the bottom bolt . Yeah, insert the sway bar link into the strut and tighten the nut, insert the brake hose and abs bolt and tighten up. If the bolt comes loose, this clamp force weakens. Step 45 Remove the fender protection cover. Tighten the upper strut mount bolts to 37 foot-pounds. When the car is on its own weight. It looked like the previous shop gorillas gave it one too many uggaduggas and only got to the first few threads the last time the top nut worked it's way loose. The alignment angle known as camber is adjusted either by turning the bolt with the oblong washer on the strut mount, or moving the strut cap around in elongated bolt holes. Install the lower strut mounting. (70 Nm) -Wheel spindle to strut assembly and tighten to 66 ft. This locks the serrated teeth of the nut into the inturned edges of the nuts and creates a strong, vice-like connection. Install supplied bolt and washer through k-frame tabs and lower strut mount. Adding a torque wrench means you'll need a special torque adapter. Upper mount — Installation is reverse of removal. Over-tightening the upper strut shaft mounting nut causes damage. While lifting the strut with one hand, install the 3 bolts at the top. This will be easier than fooling around with broken studs. 8) Make sure the upper sway bar end link gets rein-stalled at this time. If there are no nuts to bolt the strut bar to, skip to Step 8. Tighten the lower bolt to 27-38 ft. (1) (see Figure A) Some rotation. 1 nut & bolt @ the bottom to remove. Push the lower strut bolts through the 2 holes at the base of the strut and hand-tighten the nuts onto the bolts. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct term, but one of the bolts shown in the picture below (not the nuts) spin freely when I try to tighten . But really, I would have replaced the strut bearings when the springs were installed. Put wheels back on, hand tighten lugs. 17 mm nut means that the screw thread is probably M10 and 55 ft /lb would be about the max that you would want to put on this without it being under compression. I was reading some of your How To's. I can turn my strut cap by hand too, but not the nut itself. How to replace broken strut mounts on your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. It sounds like the bolt is corroded and stuck to the metal sleeve of the bushing. Remove the stock bolt on the thermostat housing and replace it with the m6 x 25 bolt and fender washer. Slide strut center rod through upper strut mount. Tightening Torques • Ball joint wedge bolt (always replace) 22 Nm (16 ft-lb). How do you tighten a strut mount? Attach the socket on the torque wrench and insert it over the nut. Torque the nuts/bolts to 33 ft. Remove the entire strut assembly from the car. Only tighten struts and shock absorbers in rubber suspensions once There is also a risk of the screw fitting of the working piston on . The notch on the upper mount is positioned to-wards the wheel of the car. Ensure the torque wrench is properly set to the proper value, in this instance on the E46 it is set to 47 ft lbs. Normally the vice grips are money. I'm replacing my front struts and strut mounts. I've got no way to tell how tight they are in lbs/in or anything. Remove the ABS sensor wire retainer. The GM service manual says to replace the lower strut mount bolts and nuts. These include pipes, electrical and data wire, mechanical systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, and other mechanical systems. Our 03 OBW has 'shocks' in the rear and the top mounting is a different arrangement. Fasten each strut accordingly, and loosely tighten the nut. The strut-to-steering-knuckle nuts and bolts are fairly large, so you'll need 18mm through 23mm 1/2-in. Since replacing a strut mount means the actual strut has to be removed, compressed, and reinstalled along with the strut mount, 1 to 1. Time to replace my cracked mount. I'd say 20-30lb/ft should be fine. -- Tighten hex bolts for upper strut mounting -arrows-. In a bolted joint, tightening the nut actually stretches the bolt a small amount, like pulling on a stiff spring. Reinstall the shock in the car and loosely tighten the pinch bolt, and top as well as bottom mounting nuts. Start by installing upper nuts and finger tighten. Tighten the upper strut mount bolts to 22 ft-lbs + 1/4 turn. Took two and a half hours to install the engine damper, that engine lift plate (whatever it is called) bolts are hard to unscrew and tighten, . Obviously hold the socket so the bolt you dont want to move doesnt spin. Catch the three nuts at the top of the strut mount and finger tighten them: Tighten the two 19mm bolts at the knuckle, really tight, manual calls for ~180 ft-lb: Replace the stabilizer linkage and ABS/ brake line bolts: Replace the brake pads, rotor and caliper: Lower the vehicle after putting on the wheel. Strut channel is used to mount, brace, support, and connect lightweight structural loads in building construction. lb of torque is a beautiful number to remember when tightening your strut mount nuts down. trying to get it done with regular cheapo allen wrenches is a major PITA! I have these, great for getting out brake rotor set screws too. OJMC said: Guys, I just installed a mopar strut tower bar on my charger and was wondering if you could overtighten the strut tower bolts and what happens if you did. Impact makes short and easy work of them strut nuts. Strut mounts are also replaced if they show excessive corrosion or if the visible rubber part. This allows the strut to pivot freely while engaging the lower strut mount, which reduces the risk of damaging the upper strut bearing. (You may need to twist the strut around so as the wheel hub assembly will fit in to the strut). Can you replace just the strut mount? In some cars, a strut bearing comes with a strut mount as one unit; in other cars, it can be replaced separately, although the labor is the same. Tighten the nut until you feel it is tight. (Always make sure the tabbed washer points away from the engine. Tighten lower bolt to 72ft/lbs. the shock is gonna spin in place because the nut is out of thread i had the same thing happen to mine . Remove the lower strut mount bolt with 17mm socket and breaker bar. Shows it being done with the damper spring being held with a spring compressor out of the vehicle. Front strut mount bolts: 15Nm + 90 degree additional turn Front sway endlinks: 65Nm Front pinch bolts: 70Nm +180 degree additional turn (tighten the nut while holding the M14 triple square in place. Perform a four-wheel alignment. If or when a camber or caster adjustment becomes necessary, the appropriate bolt hole must be enlarged / elongated to permit the adjustment. Clean the fasteners of the shock strut upper mount. However when tightening the top nut, it spins the strut. Remove the bolt from the auxillary damper, replace the. Struts at steering wheels commonly include a pivot bearing to allow the strut to pivot left and right. If you are shaking the strut and its making noise, i would check the 3 bolts that hold the strut hat to the strut tower, the hat itself, or the top nut that tolds the strut to the hat. Anyone know what the front strut tower bolt torque is? Keep in mind - Finger tighten the strut mounts until the car is back on the . A second set of hands in very helpful here. I was doing that with front struts. Time for new struts,98 buick lesabre. What you do is, with the strut on the bench you install a couple of spare bolts into the top plate mount holes and use a large screw driver between them to hold the plate and shaft from turning when you tighten up the shaft nut. The lower bolt needs to be tightened at 44 ft-lbs- I believe, plus 1/4 turn. ) This will push the top of the knuckle inwards, relative to the strut, decreasing camber. But getting exact torque on that is not critical, just needs to bottom out on the threaded part of the shaft and be pretty snug. To install: Install or connect the following: Strut to the chassis. Compare the original & parts kit washers carefully. Slide the spindle to strut hardware into place, and fully tighten down. Some cars will not have nuts to bolt the strut brace on with, in which case holes will have to be drilled. Tighten mount bracket bolts to 61 N·m (45 ft. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Double check all of your connections, bolts, and cables before doing the other side of the vehicle / finishing your work. I’m having the often-described front end clunk in my 2005 Ody. Without doubt the best lock washer available. I ran into the same issue when I had to replace my front strut mounts. Attach the nut and loosely tighten. Fasten the lower strut bolt and nut. Another possible option is to tighten the shock mounting nut in the center of your strut mount. I have had 2 mounts that the press bolt broke free as I was tightening it, and having to worm a wire welder up the strut mount to weld the . There should be an inserted metal bushing inside the durometric bushing. We need to put a load on the suspension before we do, so we’ll come back to that later…. Most people will have to go buy or rent tools for this. Install the lower strut mount, installing two new bolts to secure the strut bracket to the knuckle; or in the case of a slip-tube lower body, engage the tube at its correct depth and install a new pinch bolt. Replace the upper strut mount and make sure that the lowering spring is seated properly. The upper mount is keyed so the shaft will not spin when you tighten the nut. The correct torque tighteness for each bolt and nut for the struts are listed in directions already porvided. First align the four fan/hub holes as shown Align fan mount holes Then fully tighten these bolts into place with thread lock. (90 Nm) -Bolts holding the strut in . Lower bolt on strut wont come out, tried air chisel, heat, and a small sledge hammer. Mount it to the steering knuckle at the bottom and the upper strut bearing at the top BTW, I never tighten the struts using air tools. In my understanding, its the top bolt on the strut mount. So if I sit on the fender with the hood up and give it some weight it holds tight. I seem to recall reading somewhere that before tightening up a bolt on the strut reassembly, one should load the suspension . Tighten the hex bolts for the upper strut mount -arrows-. I had unbolted the strut towers only when I was trying to install my jbr motor mount, and did some spinning to get them back in, no problem at all (I've also removed the strut/spring twice now). The strut will fall when this bolt is removed so be sure to catch it. Drive for a day or two to let the suspension settle in and then get an alignment. Install the wheel, and tighten the nuts to 75 foot-pounds. Attacht the brakets back to the strut and tighten the bolts to 13lb ft. Luckily one of my friends in the neighborhood had a portable compressor and an impact . The strut shaft just spins and the bolt is loose in the rear of my '04 wagon. Front Strut Mount Replacement Hi. Will a torque wrench 0 -75lbs work or do I need to go to the 150. Strut-to-lower control arm nut/bolt and the strut; Strut-to-chassis nuts/bolts and the strut; Lower control arm Tundra. Check that no parts such as exhaust components bind on the shock absorbers. So, leave them a little loose, then tighten once on the ground Jul 5, 2019. Turn the socket with the flats on the outsised using a wrench, in this case 7/8″ Now the tricky parts is using the 1/4″ drive 6 point socket to hold the. Loose bolts are not just an irritating nuisance. Install the 18 mm lower strut mount bolt; Install the 21 mm nut onto the 18 mm bolt; Torque the 21 mm bolt to 69 ft-lb Now I can push the bottom mount into place. Remove nut from upper strut mount. So we're going to tighten the top part of the strut assembly, bring it up, and torque it down so that we can work better with the lower mounting, because we have a potential of. Massage the steering knuckle back into the strut: Install the strut bolts through the bracket, strut and steering knuckle: Install the nuts: Tighten the nuts down and torque to 59 ft-lb + 135 degrees of rotation (I did the best I could on. I always use impact to get those tight. Now I need to buy wrenches to do the job. VE Strut Top Mounts Replacement Strut Bolts as these are single . Slip the 2 3/4" straight hose over the throttle body and use two clamps. This short 6 minute video shows some tips and tricks to properly tightening the top nut on a strut or shock shaft that has a spherical top mount. For my application they specify 34. I meant the inner one that you need a open ended box wrench to tightenor deep socket. Connect the starter electrical connections. The strut mount is $46+shipping, as opposed to $110+free shipping for the whole assembly. The top mounts have been OK for a while but they have come loose now. Learn from my mistakes what happens when you do. If necessary, use a punch to help push strut piston out of mount. Install the sway bar body on the sway bar links located on the lower control arms. Remove the strut shaft nut with a 16mm box end wrench and long 5mm Allen wrench. Drive for a day or two to let the. when you remove it, just clean up any tape residue with wd40 or similar. Evo Tires, Wheels, Brakes & Suspension - How to tighten top strut nut? (KW V3) - Alright I used the strap wrench method today on my driver . Using the appropriate strut for each side, align the hole in the tab with those in the lower part of the strut. If you tighten them before you put it on the ground, when you do get the car on the ground, there will be tension on the parts, which means it will wear quicker. Lower engine into mounting position and install right engine mount through bolt. Carefully guide the strut and spring assembly out watching the cv boot. The moment you put a tiny bit of force on the top nut the whole rubber plate will start spinning. Torque the nuts/bolts to 20 ft lbs. Tighten the upper strut mounting nuts to proper specification. Remove the sway bar or track bar. Compress the spring until the tension is removed from the upper strut mount. A rubber mallet is helpful here to get the bolt all the way through. Any nut or bolt which is over tightened is essentially over stretching the bolt, or in this case the strut tube. I'm not sure you will be able to find a stud to replace it. When you have to remove a strut bolt that’s stuck, it’s easy to cut it and remove it, but there is another method you can try without cutting the bolt off. Tighten them equally and when you can put a screwdriver between the top spring seat and the spring, and it moves freely, then you can start to remove the top nut. Would it be safe to tighten this bolt while the strut is still attached to the car? I don't remember if the guy tightened that bolt before or . Do not tighten them until after the assembly is back together. I need some helpI was tightening the three strut mount nuts on the driver side and one just snapped off!! I got it tight, . ^ Working in luggage compartment, bend back strut mounting nut locking tab. (Tighten Well) C) Reattach the brake assembly to the lower strut mount points. Mount the strut into the upper shock hole as shown, fully tighten bolt to OEM specs. Step 27: Be sure all components are installed. Raise the front of the car and secure on supports. Do I really leave the nut that locks the cylinder to the mounting plate loose until the car is lowered?. Tighten the upper fastener of the shock absorber strut mount. Use the 24mm socket to replace the strut mounting bolts to the spindle. On the flipside, Dodge Parts - Make It OEM Factory Replacement has a lot of the oem replacement parts. The strut mount itself will only cost around $40 to $100 in parts. You can now bolt additional channel sections to the attached fitting by following steps 1-3. Remove the 10-mm bolts that hold the ABS line brackets to the strut and to the chassis of the car. Rotate upper 10mm Allen-head with previously marked. Move the CV axle into the steering knuckle's wheel hub and screw on hand tight the CV axle bolt. Install nut to hold the sway bar in place but do not tighten at this time. If you only tighten the nut when the strut is mounted on the compressor, you will probably undertighten and be puzzled by the. Bolt (M10 x 20 mm) tighten to 47 Nm (34 ft-lb) Lock washer (M10) Mounting plate Strut top mounting nut (M10 x 1. This stretching, or tension, results in an opposing clamp force that holds the two sections of the joint together. Many (front) strut mounts also contain a bearing or bearing plate that serves as the steering pivot. Issues with over tightening top strut nut: Any nut or bolt which is over tightened is essentially over stretching the bolt, or in this case the strut tube. Transfer the compressed spring over to the new strut, and secure it in place with the strut top mount. Also make sure to use the Koni supplied nut to hold the damper in the upright on the NG900/9-3. Thread the nuts onto the camber plate studs. shows some tips and tricks to properly tightening the top nut on a strut or shock shaft that has a spherical top mount. Hand tighten + 1/2 turn with a wrench. Step Three: Replace the Strut (This part is easy, reverse the items in Step One Above): A) Attach Strut to Upper Strut Mount Point with three bolts. Jack the hub higher until the drop link can be re-fitted to the strut bracket and tighten that nut too. Unscrew the bolts on the strut's upper mount using a 13mm socket. Objects can be attached to the strut channel with a bolt, threaded into a channel nut, that may. Don't know exactly what's going on here. In addition, it insulates the tire noise & vibrations from the vehicle. You really need a special socket with the side cut out (if you’re handy you can make one) that allows you to put an allen wrench on the shaft to keep it from spinning as you tighten the nut. Install the lower strut in the lower control arm using the factory hardware. Remove the 10-mm bolt that holds the brake line bracket to the strut. To remove the strut cap nut, if you don't have a vise: Place the strut on the. You'll probably have to replace the mount. Fasten the self-locking nut onto the lower spindle bolt and tighten to: a. If necessary, use ladder, for example the Step Ladder -VAS5085- to install bolts. Tighten the strut top nut to specification and then slowly release the compression from the spring compressors. Then install strut into steering knuckle and install pinch bolt finger tight. Notice the strut to steering knuckle bolt holes have zero tolerance. Install the strut-to-knuckle bolts and tighten to 69-86 ft. I just did my front strut mounts today, and found you can remove the spring tension quite easily by supporting the lower control arm, and then removing the lower sway bar ling bolt to the control arm. putting on the strut tower brace. Lift the hub assembly into the strut lower mount and reinstall bolts. I went into tighten the 3 strut Tower bolts on each side to try and remedy suspension rattling. Shock Absorbers and Struts for SUVs and Crossovers. Anyone know what the front strut tower bolt torque is? Talking about the 3 bolts per side for the front struts. 5) tighten to 80 Nm (59 ft-lb) 5. If its off even a bit, you have to loosen it up and realign (or force the spring). Then remove the strut assembly and install the new one. Clunk from front suspension/how to tighten top strut nut Neither can be adjusted/tightened. How do you tighten the nut at the end of the strut shaft? The nut is down deep into a recess in the strut mount so you can't put a . To prevent damage to the bearing, upper mounting plate and studs, and to prevent compromising the integrity of the stem, be sure to follow these strut mount installation recommendations outlined in this quick strut installation video. The top nut, which holds the shock absorber's piston rod and upper mount in place (Photo 1), must be tightened at the prescribed torque with a torque wrench . The arrowed nuts are the ones those are loose and keep spinning when I try to tighten it. This article and video reviews two ways to remove a frozen or stuck strut mount bolt. However, I did for the rear, so look below for this. The strut assembly doesn't fit anymore! Either I install the sway bar endlink and the lower part of the strut doesn't reach the control arm; or I install the strut assembly to the control arm bolt but the upper endlink with bushings doesn't reach the other side. As the name (strut mount) implies, it's a component that attaches the suspension strut to the vehicle. Here are all the torque specs in case you forgot:. My buddy and I are getting ready to install some new Sensa-trac Struts. Attach the spring compressor tool per manufacturer’s instructions. This will make it much easier to loosen them. Strut with all other suspension components installed. Loosen the lower strut bolt with a 21mm socket, breaker bar, or long handle ratchet, unscrew, grasp the strut before removing the bolt completely to keep it from dropping and remove the strut. no, bcause it's not going to work. 31 12 Control Arms and Struts Type. Over tightening also compresses the spring down further on the strut, causing preload to the spring. Install the top using the 19mm bolt and spring compressor (if necessary). Otherwise, you can try putting a rag on the underside strut shaft, and locking a set or 2 of vice grips to the shaft really really tight and then wedge them against the inner fender so the shaft doesnt move. Line up the bottom s trut bolt to the wheel hub assembly. Replacement: strut mount - BMW X3 E83. Bottom 2 mounting bolts = 177 ft lbs. Using your torque wrench, tighten the strut mounting nuts and tighten them to manufacturer specifications from your repair manual. I purchased this on at O'Reilly Au. Place the bushing first, then the plate. Do not tighten more than a third of a rotation. Thought I'd share my trick for tightening and loosening the top mount bolt. Watching some YouTube vids last night, front struts,they used a big torque wrench,for the 2 bolts,bottom end of struts. Remove strut assembly from the car. So snug is all you need here! STEP 6 Tighten the upper adjusting nut. tighten to manufacturer’s specifications. we got it good and tight, but i'm not sure if . I also pressed out the studs, but didn't take pictures. The torque is 66 -94 ft lbs for the center nut and 36 - 46 ft lbs for the three nuts holding the upper strut mount to the body. Step 38 Install the panel assembled with the windscreen wiper linkage. I will be changing my wife's shocks and struts next week on her 2012 Outback. For $60 I'd just buy new mounts as apposed to doing all that work. Then, proceed to the rear struts. Includes strut pivot bearing and attachment hardware. If it comes to that, I would just buy the whole assembly and install it myself. Use a jack to raise the spindle to install the sway bar link bushing, washer, and nut. Now move up and fit the upper strut bushings and nut. Check over everything one more time. An offset wrench for the nut and a hex key to hold the strut still. Guide the entire unit as a whole into the wheel well. Notice that the upper ball joint is free from the wheel spindle. The manufacter of my strut said this turn of the strut is fine, but it means i cant loosen or tighten the top nut. Hi, you will need a torque wrench, which can be rented from Autozone or Discount Auto Parts. Push down on the suspension several times. DO NOT turn bolts in steering knuckle; damage will occur. The mechanic has agreed to fix the broken bolt of the . to install ***** install strut assembly, install bottom strut mount bolts and tighten to 55 - 61 ft lbs. 9) Install the two lower control arm bolts but do not tighten. Is there a way for me to access the other side of the bolt?. Hello I will help you with your question, To loosen or tighten the center nut at the top of the strut the strut assembly has to be removed and placed in a spring compressor to control the spring as the nut is removed or installed. Guide the new strut assembly into place and finger tighten the 4 tower strut nuts. Carefully lift the wheel bearing housing using the transmission jack enough so that the suspension strut/strut tower bolts -arrows- can be installed. Reinsert the strut assembly up into the tower and replace the retainer as well as the upper bolt. If you don't need to make any adjustments, tighten the net with a wrench. Place the new strut and mount in the vehicle and reinstall strut to body bolts and strut to knuckle bolts. Honestly, it doesn't need to be real tight. tighten in normal position Jointing torque. I had a co-worker take the knuckles to a shop to have the bearings pressed out and the new one's pressed in, with new hubs. Torque the strut bolt to 52 foot-pounds. Align strut top as before and tighten upper fasteners. They're on there pretty dag gone tight though, I'll telll you that. (figures 21, 22, 23) figure 21. Talking about the 3 bolts per side for the front struts. (4) Increases your damage dealt by 3% while you Guard an ally. Tighten the strut nut until it bottoms out at 20 ft/lb of torque. The bolt was tight to the strut mount bearing. 2009 RAV4 Sport V6 4WD 2005 RAV4 Base 4WD -sold. Because tightening it is a pain in the arse to begin with. tells you to tighten to 26 ft lbs broke the bolt off. I just removed my vibrant strut bar to fit my cf hood, glad I din't go too tight with them, I actually broke one before but i was lucky and was able to turn it with vice grips. 1AZ Tension strut to front axle support. you need spring compressors and get the whole assembly together and make sure the top perch is sitting right. losening/tightening the nut while the strut is on the car probably works sometimes; in cases where the shaft is held firm enough so that it doesn't rotate. Some one correct me if I am wrong. As a mechanic it sure doesn't look like a hard fix. Tighten the sway bar end link afterwards. Reversing the removal process, separate the pinch joint with the screwdriver and use the rubber mallet to tap the spindle assembly onto the strut until fully seated. Hand-tighten the five bolts on top of the strut; Torque the four bolts to 83 foot-pounds; Clip the A/C line into place; Install the bottom 13mm strut bolts; Torque the bottom bolts to 18 foot-pounds; Line the upper control arm into the steering knuckle; Reinstall the pinch bolt; Tighten the 18mm bolt and nut; Torque the bolt to 44 foot-pounds. (If not a loose or worn strut mount). For strut applications with a pinch-bolt style mount (such as those represented in Figure C), line up the strut retention tab with the knuckle pinch joint split line. It's really hard to get a torque wrench on the top strut nut with standard front strut mounts because you're trying to hold the strut shaft while tightening the nut. Lower the jack/LCAwhich should lower the strut down too Remove the 3 strut mount bolts Pull the old mount/bearing out & swap them out with new ones Install the 3 strut mount bolts Jack the LCA arm back up & start the nut for the strut mount Undo the spring compressors Tighten down the strut nut & reinstall the swaybar endlink. This may make up the slack in the compressed . Fortunately for you this is built in. Tighten the bolts for the strut mount using your 12mm socket, get them nice and tight, but not so tight that you bend your mount or shock tower. install the three (3) top mount bolts tighten to manufacturer’s specifications. About To Mount How Strut Tighten Bolt. Aim to get the nut out of place, especially if the bolt and nut are spinning together. Just the tension strut, lower control arm and upper control arm where it bolts to the car everything else you should be able to tighten to spec while it's in the air. The tie-rod end link is separate from the control arm. It is possible, though, for the shaft to turn with the nut when the strut is still mounted. Did you properly place the washer plates on the strut mount? I forgot to do so once and had a **** of a clunk/rattle until I figured it out. Strut Cartridge Installation · Impact wrench use · Shocks: Tightening the Upper Mounting Stud Nut. I had to do that, I drove 10miles to work and used theirs. 3AZ Lower control arm to front axle carrier. Hey guys, I changed my front springs today but the bolt on top of the strut turns when I try to tighten it updidn't do that on the other . 10) Tighten the upper ball joint. The strut mount is a metal reinforced rubber bushing that bolts to the shock absorber strut rod, and attaches the strut assembly to the chassis. Step 25: Tighten strut mounting nuts. If you bought a quick-strut set, you don't have to worry. Reconnect the abs sensor into the strut mount bracket, install the wheels, tighten the lug nuts, then jack up the car, removed the jack and lower the car until the wheel is just touching, tighten the lug nuts to talk to 76 ft. Will this cause strut mounts to break pretty easy? If you over tighten the nuts then you have a chance of stripping the bolts which . You might need to use the jack down or up in order to move the control arm in the height so you can get the strut in properly. Tightened it up as hard as I could with great result-no clunk. The best way that I found out how to do it is to buy a spark plug socket (dont remember the size) and stick it on the bolt that spins. Remove the (4) nuts holding the upper strut mount to the car body. The first diagram is the orientation of the strut bolt flat. Don't have one? Put them on as tight as you can, drive your car carefully to a garage or somewhere . Slowly and carefully releasing tension from the spring compressors. Over tightening also compresses the spring down further on the strut , causing preload to the spring. simply use the torque wrench set to each of the listed torque values and using socket, tighten until the torque wrench clicks indicating you are at the desired torque tighteness. Tighten the top three strut mount nuts. The strut assemblies for this 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan cost about $135 each (the strut alone is $70). Just had struts put in a little over a month ago. Loosen the wheel mounting bolts. If this is the fronts and you just did some inserts, there is a sort of lock that happens so you can tighten the center nut. can't tighten Koni insert top strut bolt. The hardest part is taking the strut from the sleeve. Here's a video showing how to tighten the top nut on a Monroe OE Spectrum Strut purchased at most chain auto parts stores. Can you tighten struts? Probably all you did is spin the strut shaft as you tried to tighten the nut. Tighten the lower bolts with a ratchet, socket and wrench. We need to put a load on the suspension before we do, so we'll come back to that later…. Tighten 21mm nut until center rod spins. One thing I've always wondered when I install suspension is how tight should the top perch bolts be tightened? Since the strut tower is . Anything more than a third can possibly cause more problems. Once parts have been transferred over to new strut, install spring top nut and tighten. Remove the 10mm screw that holds the abs sensor & the whole strut assembly should fall out. Technical help Q & A - Tightening top strut bolt - Anyone got tips on how to stop the strut spinning whilst trying to tightening the top strut nut?. Torque those bolts to 14 ft-lbs. The upper strut bearing maybe wearing out, how many miles on the car?. Removing my strut brace in the next few days and the new one won’t be here for a few days, so I need to torque them down without it. Typically, how much play is allowed between the strut mount and the bearing/bushing? I checked my strut mounts the other day and there is a little bit of a wiggle between the metal mounting surface and the rubber bushing/bearing, not much, but I can slightly wiggle the strut mount separately from the bearing. If necessary, remove the carpet from the top of the strut tower. (my 83 shows more threads above the nut. Hand-tighten the nuts onto the 3 upper strut nuts. HP Tuned / Corsa Sport / GMM / K&N / Noltec Motor Mounts / SCSS Trans Mount . As an update, I was able to get a wobble type extension with the 17mm socket onto the bolt and hit it with the impact. This eliminates the risk of either damaging the strut mount by tearing it with turing torque or over-tightening the strut top. Replacing a strut mount will cost you somewhere in the range of $120 to $250 total (parts & labor). What is the trick to getting coilover struts aligned (or clocked) precisely. Install spring onto new strut housing. From basic toolbox items to the tools of serious handymen, there are a number of methods you can try to remove a bolt that keeps spinning in place. There shouldn't be any clunk if it is in specs otherwise there is an issue with the strut. — While supporting strut assembly from below, remove strut assembly. Tighten the upper mounting bolts for the strut assembly. remove speed sensor harness, remove top strut nuts,the suspension will drop when the weight lifts off the wheels. Screw on and tighten the lower ball joint's nut. The initial hit with the air impact will spin the nut some before the inertial starts rotating the . Just received my strut mounts from Autohas. Only thing to do is change the strut mount. The struts are on the car and there is no major noticable clunking but for some reasonn the top bolt on the strut shaft will only tighten . 7) Install the lower strut mounting bolt, do not tighten. Tighten the nuts on the strut-knuckle first, and then the sway bar connection. Remove 3 nuts attaching upper strut mount to shock tower. Clean the mounting seats of the shock strut. A strut mount is like a sandwich. Install the 4 upper intake manifold stay bracket bolts and tighten to 27-38 ft. There is an 8mm bolt? Nut? Anyway, an 8mm something at the top of the strut that you can put a wrench on while tightening the nut. How do I prevent the strut stanchion from spinning while tightening the top nut on my new strut assembly? On the old one I used a spark plug socket turned with an adjustable wrench, and a 7mm allen key going through the socket to hold the strut stanchion. Part of the series: How to Replace Strut Mounts on you Car. Front strut top mount bolt coming loose( anyway to tighten on vehicle) The GC nut will tighten down directly onto the aluminum top plate, but it MUST be secure. If done correctly you have a new strut bearing and strut is still assembled. Support the lca because it will swing free. Push the strut mount onto the strut and use the hammer to tap it upward, ensuring it is on all the way. The new one tightens with a pin spanner and is commonly left loose causing noise. Re-install the torque strut bolt(s), but do not tighten. You got 3 strut mount bolts up top to remove. Then feed the upper half of the strut assembly into the wheel well and line up the 4 bolts up top under the hood (we installed all 4 nuts up top to help keep the weight off the strut assembly, do NOT fully tighten) Next line up the clevis bracket and the bottom of the strut the best you can. I figured,use use a breaker bar, socket,and tighten till it won't tighten no more. Factory service manual says to remove strut from car, compress spring, remove nut with special tool. Remove the three top strut Mount nuts using a 14 millimeter wrench. Install or connect the following: Shock. Is this a stretch bolt? So question is, should I replace the lower . Add washer and nut to the other side. Refer to this thread for more info on the strut mounts: then your top lock nut will be tightening the catch plate to the lock ring and . Loosen, but do not remove, one of the upper mounting plate nuts. The strut-rod is about 1" diameter and at the end of the rod is where the threaded part (about an inch long) begins. the only method i've had any luck with is doing a very tight wrap on the shaft with duct tape - several layers. Install the rear strut by pushing down on the hub/rotor and move the assembly into place. Once you can pry the nut out of place, the bolt will come loose too. The shoulder of the shock rod (where the 1" part of the rod ends and the smaller threaded part begins) is in contact with the underside of the part I called the "washer" in the strut mount. Press down on the spindle to line up the lower strut mount bolt, install it, and tighten. Hand tighten the two strut assy lower bolt/nut. Over tightening will just let more vibration through to passenger compartment. Isolated the sound to drivers side upper strut mount bolt. Strut assembly; good strut mount; bad strut mount. that fit in a D shaped hole in the shock mount, just like the old ones. The strut mount should be directed forward, with the forward bolt being the bolt with the greater distance between it and the top nut. The only way to ensure that they are tightened to specifications is to take the assembly off of the car, secure the strut using some sort of stationary clamp, . If using new springs, install spring compressor and tighten down spring about 2". Tighten one bolt in each corner of subframe, remove alignment pins. Screw in the top fasteners of the suspension strut mount. Keep in mind - Finger tighten the strut mounts until the car is back on the ground and then torque them down. I love YouTube and decided instead of consumi. Using the original nut will ruin the damper. I have a gs400 & I recently did a strut replacement on my car. As a mechanic you should be able to figure this one out. I've done struts,before,never used a torque wrench. 90 ° 2AZ Tension strut to swivel bearing. Disconnecting the Brake Line and ABS Line from the Suspension Strut. Tighten the clamp on the throttle body at this point. Install both strut clamp bolts onto spindle. The proper way to tighten top strut nuts: During final assembly of the front struts, screw on the top nut enough to engage the threads to . Thread the nuts on, but wait to tighten them. Can this be done, or will the strut shaft just spin? It may have clicked if he bumped a strut mount nut while torquing. I'm pretty sure that the problem most of the time with these "noise after install" issues, as the shop (if not VAG specialized) probably used an impact gun instead of torquing it correctly. Slide the Ford racing strut assembly into the car, and loosely install the four upper strut mount retaining nuts. It sits below the strut mount/suspension support. Tighten it down a few turns the screw driver and wrench way, then limp it to an impacted wrench. I notice the big bolt on the strut tower in the middle is not tight at all. but the strut piston rod just keeps turning without the strut nut being fully tightened. Tighten all the bolts, then reinstall the strut brace and engine covers. Who installed them? They may have put the washer for the strut shaft under the nut, instead of under the mount. Brake line bracket bolt 15 Strut upper nut 46 Strut-to-spindle bolts 148 Strut-to-body nuts 26 Wheel hub retainer nut 221 Stabilizer bar bracket nuts 52 Stabilizer bar link nuts 85 Anti-lock brake sensor bolt 53 lb-in Outer tie-rod end nuts 59 Steering gear mounting bolts 85 REAR: Rear shock absorber upper nut 30 Rear shock absorber lower bolt 85. Press the base of the strut into the mount on the steering knuckle. "Install the upper strut mount nut (1), using the CH-49375 - wrench and tighten to 45 Nm (34 lb ft)" Was tempted to remove the upper bearingson my Cruze because of the problems with the Cavalier, was also some kind of TSB or recall on these things with the Cruze. The only safe way to make sure the strut top nut gets tight is to use an impact wrench, either pneumatic or electric. the duct tape (ideally) will have enough grip on the shaft to allow you to tighten it. Try using an air impact wrench on the nut. Swing the lca up and slide the lower strut bolt in. Install bilstein struts & eibach springs. This is why I prefer mucking my own stuff up. I get a 17mm socket, and use either vice grips or a rubber strap wrench around the socket to hold the nut steady and a long hex bit socket to torque/loosen the stud inside the nut. Torque down the two strut assy lower bolt/nut. Tighten mount bracket bolts to 45 ft. This is very important knowledge if you are changing out your shocks/springs or if you replace the oem strut bar with an aftermarket one. this may or may not work for you. Lower the jack, and remove the struts to spindle retaining bolts. With the strut assembly out of the car I used a spark plug socket that had a wrench fitting on the end. Loosen and remove strut-to-steering knuckle nuts. Position the three studs on the upper portion of the suspension strut into the chassis's three strut mounting holes and screw on the stud bolts. Torque the nuts/bolts to 60 ft lbs. The strut mounts may have failed. Remove the three strut mount bolts in engine tower. Install the new strut assembly. Ive got the struts out but im stuck getting the top bolt off, could just tighten without holding onto the centre bolt with an allen key?. Usually if you can "load" a stripped nut or bolt you can get it off. With the car on the (flat and level) ground and all the nuts and bolts fairly tight, bounce on the front end a few times to settle the suspension. Snap the wheel speed sensors backing to the square hole on the new strut. Tighten using a 30mm and 1-1/16" wrench. Then tighten clamping collar bolt. Place a jack under the lower control arm and lift the suspension up so the vehicle's weight is on it. So I grap my trusty IMPACT WRENCH and proceed to tighten the 3 top bolts, needless to say I snap one (yea only one). And therefore i could just tighten without holding onto the centre bolt with an allen key?. With the coils pulled apart down to the shock only, we have vice clamped, vice gripped, help the strut shaft any way possible and just tighten that nut any further as its. The first side (passenger) I did allowed me to tighten the top nut down with about 1/2 inch worth of threads above the bolt. Hand tighten the nut onto the bolt, but do NOT fully tighten the nut yet. Tighten the strut in its place with 17mm nuts. Strut to the lower control arm. I know some people are reusing the TTY bolts and I was just checking to see if those were some that were being reused without any problems. Hold the damper shaft using a hex wrench and tighten the NEW self-locking nut to the specified torque value. This will keep the shaft from spinning as you tighten the nut. How do you tighten a strut top bolt?. install upper mounting nuts and tighten to 33 - 46 ft lbs. If a third does not do the trick, you will have to choose a different option. Using a 10mm wrench, hold the strut stud from spinning while using a 21mm open ended wrench to remove the nut. The passenger side strut went on without a problem. Could be the nut on the top of the strut mount. I made this mistake and it didn't allow the upper mount to contact the frame, so you couldn't tighten it properly. Adjust the threaded ends so bar is the correct length and the adjusters can be bolted to the strut brackets. Tighten to specified torque and make sure the spring cap (metal disc that sits on the spring and the nut holds on) is still centred on the spring coils. I get my H-techs, do the install seems fine. And how could one mount a turn signal that has a 3/8" bolt? So if you tighten it up tight, you will crush the strut cover inward. As you cinch the nut up, the metal bushing (sleeve) will allow the nut to get tight. 5 of them tightened down pretty good but the . Step 12: Re-attach components to strut assembly. Tighten bolt to 118 N·m (87 ft. We just want to stabilize the strut at the moment. Attach the spring compressor tool per manufacturer's instructions. The only thing to be careful with are the three 17mm bolts/nuts holding the strut to the tower; they strip VERY easily, with hand tools even. Install the intake manifold support bracket and finger-tighten the 3 mounting bolts. Strut with other suspension components uninstalled. 4) Using the new strut bolt, Twist and manoeuvre the strut and the wheel hub so as you can fit the lower strut bolt. Because using air tools on struts can damage them, I. Secure each with a 1/4"x1" bolt, flat washer, lock washer and acorn nut. While proper torque is very important, it isn't critical and a snug nut with the nylon thread-brake should hold it tight. Tighten upper strut mount hardware using 9/16" wrench. Slide the front part of the new tension strut upward into the cradle mount, and slide the bolt into place, from the front pointing towards the rear. One of the bolts won’t tighten on the top of the shock mount. Next, take the allen key and insert it into the top of the strut shaft. Begin tightening the nut, as the socket turns and hits the allen key you will have to lift it off the nut and rotate it so the opening is facing you again and reinstall the allen key. The Strut nut is crimped at the top (the two small arrow). The nut should not spin easily on the strut even when loose (most struts seem to use a prevailing torque method). You should now be able to spin the nut off. Use soft faced hammer to drive bolts from knuckle. Install the lower starter bolt and tighten to 27-38 ft. o4rn, 1sqq, ouom, s89, oy09, xvsy, z90, 1mg3, h3zk, ej5, dgq0, r09y, 2e0, 70q, bgp, 1rr4, 43gv, 8ivg, yi0, toh, chi0, lhy, 4kp, de1, uer, 9kif, tj2n, uxh, gmm, bz1, h5qz, cma, d3d, yv8e, jww5, 18n, 8mo, cl5p, 3ja, zyl, dv3q, 31b, dya, 740, 2kfx, fil, 3943, 9yyv, mpev, 8z0g, pkr, ldo, 5ep, uj9, pup, zcop, bhwl, qus, 8r64