Paramiko Execute Shell Script

Paramiko Execute Shell ScriptThis should be possible by tapping the “+ New Script” button in the upper right corner. To login a router/switch and run commands, you can directly use below script. Then use the socket connection to send the shell command. a python script to connect to the APs cli via SSH using Paramiko, Luckily, I was able to get this working using a Paramiko shell. Init script is the shell script to be run on the newly launched EC2 instance, before Jenkins starts launching a agent agent. sh script is not executed in the a. Now i have to run health check script (multiple checks need to be done as root) there and generate report, for that i decided to use, paramiko . import paramiko command = "df" # update the next three lines with your # server's information host = "your_ip_address" username = "your_limited_user_account" password = "your_password" client = paramiko. Execute um script de dentro de um script de shell Cannot set a variable in a shell script with "find" Execute o comando / script usando shell diferente em SSH / Paramiko. I created a method to invoke an interactive shell with the Paramiko SSH client to: 1. exec_command ("ls") for line in stdout. Python allows us SSH connection using library paramiko. You could do expect /home/xxx/xxx. NOTE: I am assuming you are working with a. A filename, when it already exists, this step will not be run. Accept the connection once the connection request is made. check for existing password prompt (to confirm new password prompt) 2. The "Run Shell Script Remotely" action takes a filepath to a local shell script and runs the commands on the remote server specified in the device field. When executing a command in paramiko, it always resets the session when you run exec_command. The idea is to connect to a remote Linux server over SSH, let the script do the required operations and return back to local, without need not to upload this script to a. So, I want to do this by either using shell script (bash, tcsh ), perl or python. Note: For more information, refer to Install Paramiko on Windows and Linux. But sometimes, the Python thread which is used to execute the command hangs forever in wait() of threading. connect(host, username=username, password=password) …. Then receive the output of the command. Name it whatever you like and generate a public/private RSA key pair. Using SSH with the bash Command. Paramiko module can be used if SSH server is running on the target machine. import paramiko hostname = "192. After looking at paramikos' exec_command() function, I realized it's not suitable for my use case (because the channel gets closed after the command is executed), as the commands depend on environment variables (set by prior commands) and can't be concatenated into one exec_command. It uses Paramiko for the low-level SSH connectivity, but it provides greater abstraction of the communication with a variety of network device models. However, connecting to a number of hosts and running program manually is sometimes time consuming and irritating. In case the privilege is present, we would start reading the file. com') stdin, stdout, stderr = client. #paramikoexamplepython #python #paramiko #pythonParamiko #pythonParamikoExampleIt will explain about: Settings on remote server to use paramiko How to. As the above code shows, with the help of paramiko, Finally, I definitely should execute the shell script I just uploaded on the server to reluctantly delete the images of my ex. This particular device has a poor SSH implementation (Bug 787), and the following workaround code is being used to establish the connection:. 5 sec after each command to avoid overlap between commands. The equally common situation, when there is some Bash script on a Linux machine and it needs to connect from it over SSH to another Linux machine and run this script there. A Computer Science portal for geeks. What you CAN do, however, is starting a remote shell (== one command), . Considering that bash is the default shell, you can run a script like this: bash hello. Paramiko to execute Remote Commands: We will use paramiko module in python to execute a command on our remote server. connect('host', username='user', password='password') stdin, stdout, . connect(hostname, username=username, password=password) stdin, stdout, stderr = client. paramiko needs cryptography as dependency module. txt (each ip should be in a new line) and run the operational command one by one. There are multiple ways to execute a shell command in Python. set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko. I was thinking about using fabric too but using pure paramiko is kind of a project requirement now. 2 Installing Paramiko from within PyCharm. I launch a shell script from a remote Linux machine using Paramiko. It provides both client and server functionality. Here we can add various modules, compose our code, and the sky is the limit from there. - jupyter-notebook-for-oracle-dba/how to use paramiko to pbrun shell script on remote server. create python script on your linux system (i used Ubuntu 14. Shell Script Tutorial - Shell Scripting is an open-source computer program designed to be run by the Unix/Linux shell. i'm not happy with this solution, because if a server has an prompt that isn't specified in my script -> infinite loop or a specified prompt in the script is a string in the return text -> not all data will be received. Write the script file using nano script-name-here. However, after searching online I was able to find some tools that were almost there, but nothing that was quite as flexible as I needed, so I wrote a new script to connect to the switch using the python3 paramiko library, and then dump the config. paramiko is a Python third party library that has extensive support for normal SSH operations and it is very trivial to use. Using the python paramiko library to open multip ssh sessionsto different servers, and run the same bash config on them. #!/usr/bin/python #script to pull kpi values from mmes. Most ssh servers running on network switches won't have the feature implemented. The problem for "Paramiko "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable" at the end of a script that execute command on the server" is explained below clearly: I'm writing a script to execute commands in an EC2 instance, and come back. This is a very basic script but it may shed you some light to develop. Here, what I have tried: here I mention "master" for the computer from where I connect to remote hosts. Writing a bash script or a Python that lives on your servers. ← Shell Comments • Home • Execute a script → The chmod command (change mode) is a shell command in Linux. exec_command('ls') print(ssh_stdout) #print the output of ls command. I would like to execute Bash Shell. We have written below function . Either we can read the file character by character, word by word or line by line. connect('[email protected]:path') ssh_stdin, ssh_stdout, ssh_stderr = ssh. 4+ that implements the SSH2 protocol for secure (encrypted and authenticated) connections to remote machines. The given python script is obviously a very basic one, which you can twist according to your needs. Paramiko is a well-known python library widely used by developers to create SSH Networks jointly, i. 4+) implementation of the SSHv2 protocol , providing both client and server functionality. Add the following code: #!/bin/bash. 36AWS Batch has a DAG scheduler, technically you could define job1, job2, job3 and tell AWS Batch to run them in that order. shell: The shell argument is by default set to False and it specifies whether to use shell for execution of the program. Today’s demonstration of paramiko will be completed with the help of GNS3. How do I run a Python command on a remote SSH? Is paramiko asynchronous? What is Paramiko library? Which is the best alternative to paramiko for . The specified shell will start as a subshell of your current shell and execute the script. The implementations, that the people attempt, usually try using su or sudo. First make SSH connection with paramiko SSHclient function, than we enter the 1st connection trust question as trust all. Paramiko (Python Module) works on SSHv2 protocol. I want to execute a script, start. This class wraps Transport, Channel, and SFTP CLIENT to take care of most aspects of. Running commands remotely on another host from your local machinelink. In order to run multiple commands, you’ll have to use the following hack: ssh [email protected] 'bash -s' < script. It will make life as said roles much easier. Paramiko is using SSH2 as a replacement for SSL to . recv(500) My script hangs consistently at this spot when talking to this particular model device, 100% reproducible in my case. SSHClient() #snip the connection setup portion stdin, stdout, stderr = interface. 1 如何从php remote在ubuntu中运行shell脚本命令 - how to run shell script command in ubuntu from php remote 这是我用来从PHP执行脚本命令的代码。 但是它在服务器本身中运行,并且仅在ubuntu浏览器中显示输出。. For Linux systems, SSH packages are already available hence we can use it easily. The SSH command has a mode where you can run any single . How to Run Shell Script as Cron Job. I'm try to run this script: hostname = '192. Alternatively, command substitution as in your other question lets you put the contents of a whole file in directly, including any dollar signs in the file contents. If shell is True, it recommends to pass args as a string. The bash -s command means “execute the following commands in a new bash session. Instead of calling exec_command on the client, get hold of the transport and generate your own channel. invoke_shell - 10 examples found. There should be no space in between. In Linux, if shell=True, the shell defaults to /bin/sh. Only need to install paramiko and time library in python and . In my assignment, I am already using paramiko module to connect to remote Linux clients hence tried to use it for windows machines as well. This may be optimized in the future. this is because the shell first takes out the redirection instruction (regardless of where it is in the command), then sets up the redirection, then executes the rest of the command line with the redirection in place. Build your own SMTP Username Enumerator to find . py import paramiko import time import re bastion_ip='ip' bastion_pass='pass' ssh = paramiko. The procedure is as follows: Create a new file called demo. To execute a child program on Unix/Linux, the class will use the os. But this is a more complicated topic. But for Windows systems, SSH package. Today we are going to talk about a tool that does magic to our shell scripts; that tool is the Expect command or Expect scripting language. connect ('host', username='user', password='password') stdin, stdout, stderr = …. py (local Python script) from paramiko import SSHClient hostname = '10. 2) Single command on multiple systems. AutoAddPolicy()) # This script doesn't work for me unless this line is added! p. This is especially useful for scheduling tasks on your EC2 instances, when you don't want to manage cron or external schedulers for a dynamic fleet of instances. Develop a Python 3 sFTP tool to securely download and upload files to and from remote servers in Python 3. 04 on the second piece script i do python paramiko function to called SSH . Here we will lay down the foundation to execute commands from within a shell script answering the following questions about commands: Where do they come from?. We learned that it is risky to download and execute scripts through an unsecured connection. exec_command('ls -l') You may pass in explicit overrides for authentication and server host key checking. As such, I needed a network script which will connect to the network devices via SSH and execute commands similar to running these in the command line. I left the commented out lines for 'passwd' because not all hosts I connect to will use pubkeys. Jupyter Notebook "cell magic" functions for remote executing shell script typed in a notebook cell. from paramiko import SSHClient ssh = SSHClient() ssh. Code for How to Execute Shell Commands in a Remote Machine in Python - Python Code. exec_command (command, bufsize=-1, timeout=None, get_pty=False, environment=None) Execute a command on the SSH server. Enter the name by which you wish to save the key. exp if the script is marked executable. connect("server", port=22, username="username", password="password") stdin, stdout, stderr = p. A new Channel is opened and the requested command is executed. This tutorial will demonstrate the basic functionality of the Paramiko library that has been placed into actions. Paramiko is an SSHv2 protocol library for Python. A Main; A function for the shell commands; A function for connecting def ssh_connect(host, user, key): try: ssh = paramiko. Learning how you can execute shell commands and scripts on a remote machine in Python using paramiko library. Script to run a list of commands on a remote Unix or Linux server. This command will fetch all ip addresses written in the file /tmp/ipaddr. dtest is using paramiko "invoke_shell" + expect output from the remote command. txt (lines in this file can be commented by prepending them with -- ), and a list of shell commands from a file called cmds. To execute command, we can simply . I have been trying to find a way to create a regular backup of my Cisco switch’s running-config, so I can store it in my normal backups. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example. These examples are extracted from open source projects. And we send commands that we want. Authentication is performed using either username and password or username and a cryptographic key. Today at Tutorial Guruji Official website, we are sharing the answer of Paramiko execute command on psql without wasting too much if your time. paramiko needs cryptography as a dependency module. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. 4+) library designed to execute shell commands remotely over SSH. detailed answer: With & you make your remote command exit instantly. shell script from python,invoke shell script from python paramiko . The last line of my script that is executing is this: output = ssh_shell. Since the command to restart the proxydnsd service is a debug command, you can’t use the PA API, it has to be done from the CLI. Use the Paramiko library to make an interactive SSH Shell connection to a remote SSH server using Python 3. It is a Python implementation of the SSHv2 protocol, providing both client and server functionality. Today we'll run through a basic script using Paramiko, which is a " Python implementation of the SSHv2 protocol", it provides both client and server functionality. We will use paramiko module in python to execute a command on our remote server. Steps to execute a shell script in Linux. Fabric builds on top of Invoke (subprocess command execution and command-line features) and Paramiko (SSH protocol. js & Naively, I call SSH like this: ssh myserver <. This is my script which I am trying to execute. Execute following Python script From Your Linux System import paramiko ssh = paramiko. from_transport ( transport) removed. To install paramiko library, run the subsequent command in the command prompt. Shell output is streaming back to the notebook. Client side will be referenced as (side-a) and Server side will be referenced as (side-b) Getting the Dependencies: Install Paramiko via pip on side-a:. However, the "utils system restart" command does not get executed and the process finishes with exit code 0. I wrote this to learn exactly how paramiko worked in Py3. 4+) implementation of the SSHv2 protocol [1], providing both client and server . The command to run followed by optional arguments. Network Automation with Paramiko Encore Technologies February 8, 2019 March 19, 2019. Description: The action controls whether the program is to issue files or execute commands (0: remotely execute commands; 1: issue files to remote hosts) Using the pexpect module and paramiko mod Shell script to execute commands remotely. So that i have to use those arguments in sc. As you can make out, below code opens SSH connection and opens Interactie Shell, and then wait for the command from user. Using the Paramiko module in Python, you can create an SSH connection . Paramiko is a Python library that makes a connection with a remote device through SSh. There are few particular permissions given to a file namely, read, write, and execute. paramiko is has been ported to java, and is called jaramiko. And this is one of the most useful things to do when you write a script. Also to keep as a code snippet for future work-related scripts. connect(host, port, username, password) to . Pass input/variables to command/script over SSH using Python Paramiko. Passing the parameter shell=True the command gets invoked through the shell. The remote Amazon Linux AMI host is missing a security update. SSH (secure shell) is good for remotely managing machines using a secure connection. Execute (sub)commands in secondary shell/command on SSH server in Paramiko . i wrote a script to connect to a host and execute one command. Using Paramiko & Pexpect to run a commands over SSH I'm trying to use Paramiko & Pexpect to run commands over SSH as suggested in the responses to my earlier question I have written the code below to try it out, however it does not work. python, shell scripts Thread Tools: Search this Thread: Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Python] Search a Hi I am trying to execute a sed command inside paramiko which finds and deletes the particular string from a file But sed command doesnt work inside paramiko python machine=qwe dssh = paramiko. example paramiko script with interactive terminal. The commands will have continuous output in the console and I want to print these all information in the local console window. we are going to check the connection using the following code, if no we will print:” Cannot connect to the SSH Server”. import paramiko ip = input ("Enter the ip address of the machine: ") mac = input ("Enter the mac address of the machine: ") model = input ("Enter the model of the box (moto/wb): ") spec = input ("Enter the spec of the box (A/B/C/CI/D/E): ") ssh_client = paramiko. Today I was helping a customer establish a baseline configuration on all their devices and decided it would be a good time to write a little bit of Python. AWS Lambda can be used to connect to remote Linux instances by using SSH and run desired commands and scripts at regular time intervals. Today we will focus on the client-side. Will be empty if there is no error. Then you can use Nifi to run the paramiko. Question Tags: linux, python, shell. And with connect function from paramiko library, we write device information. But the python script will be blocked by the remote program until it exits. For reference, we would name the shell file as sampleShellScriptEduCBA. Not much to say, go directly to the function body ssh. import paramiko ip = input ("Enter the ip address of the machine: ") mac = input ("Enter the mac address of the machine: ") model = input ("Enter the model of the box (moto/wb): ") spec = input ("Enter the spec of. I want to follow this step with other commands in a script, so that's no good. set_missing_host_key_policy ( paramiko. Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers. The default mechanism is to try to use local key files or an SSH agent (if one is running). your remote proc is just terminated because you end your ssh channel. set_missing_host_key_policy (paramiko. Keep in mind that any relative local paths will originate from the WALKOFF folder in which walkoff. x on Windows 7) that executes multiple commands on a remote shell via ssh. All you need to do is to write the python script on your local windows machine. If you want the pipeline command to run remotely, place the whole /305035/how-to-use-ssh-to-run-a-shell-script-on-a-remote-machine . 1' username = 'u' password = 'p' client = SSHClient() client. 2 Show Me the Code! This post shows how to use the Python library Paramiko to implement a SSH client, programmatically connect to another computer over SSH and execute a shell command on that computer. with this solution, I can run the remote tcp_sender correctly. I know it can be tweaked and I'm hoping you experienced folks can help with that. It can be used in two different ways: Shell form: Using the RUN command (shell form) OR. Remember, RUN is used when trying to install new packages to the main distribution. The shell script is me this behaviour?. Setting up SSH Keys · Starting our Script · Creating an SSH Client · Uploading SSH Keys to a Remote Host · Executing Unix Commands · Uploading (and . Like, I just start the script and does everything on it's own. get the confirmation message to assist debug. exec_command("tail -f logfile") #snip into threaded loop print stdout. So to fix this problem I created a Python script with the Paramiko library for SSH connectivity. I am trying to login to a storage node that has a special shell, and as such I cant execute a script on the storage node side. Server refused to start a shell/ . - GitHub - abalbekov/nbrshell: Set of "cell magic" functions to remotely execute a shell script typed in a Jupyter Notebook cell, with the shell script output streaming back to the notebook. Scripts make it easy for the users to save. For a script to be executable one should allow the file to do so by: chmod +x sampleShellScriptEduCBA. In this case, the script is just a wrapper around the regular entrypoint for the ghost image that allows you to do some special initialization beforehand. You can also use Fabric library as it is a high-level Python library designed just to execute shell commands remotely over SSH, it builds on top of Invoke and Paramiko. ;) The last line of my script that is executing is this: output = ssh_shell. Give the hostname and other details to the paramiko object. I am having issues passing responses to a bash script on a remote server over SSH. Experiments using Jupyter for accessing data in oracle database and for running shell/sqlplus commands on a remote server running Oracle database from within a Jupyter notebook. To install paramiko library, run the following command in cmd. If alias expansion would occur in the shell in which. This allows you to automate CLI commands via Python. works fine when then remote command doesn't need a tty. Note: Use the appropriate shebang for the shell you want to process your script. 12' user = 'ops' passwd = 'BN123' ssh = paramiko. I'm trying to write a script that will long into a UPS SNMP card via ssh and pull info to see if we have any batteries failing. We will run a shell script on a remote . Today's demonstration of paramiko will be completed with the help of GNS3. These are the top rated real world Python examples of paramiko. The Solution: Pass The Script Over Standard Input. I also need to pass the arguments while executing this ssh command. Fabric is a high level Python (2. With Linux distros (it works fine with other systems that are hosting ssh server, including Windows) I usually use paramiko - it's . You need to pass the quotes to the remote shell so that the comment is treated as a string. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. It is responsible for taking inputs from the user and displaying the output. To my knowledge, the only way to interact with such servers is to use invoke_shell (). Here is my first ssh script, facing stdout printing issue import socket socket. Knowing how to execute a shell command in Python helps you create programs to automate tasks on your system. If args is a string, the string specifies the command to execute through the shell. I need the return result of each command, so it's not convenient to connect commands with semicolons. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. This means no subshell is created and the current process is replaced with this new command. If you want to run an entire script (such as a bash or even a python application) on another server from your local machine, you can make use of the SCP module to upload your script, then simply execute it using the same technique we used above with Paramiko. But if you need to execute a suite of SSH commands, using a variety of keys and users -- like if you are doing QA integration testing -- then I would bite the bullet and use Paramiko (or even easier, I hear, is Fabric). This file is in your current directory so the forward slash needs to be directly before the file name with no space in between. All you need to do is to write the python script on your local windows . If you just need to run a single SSH call, sure -- just wrap SSH command in subprocess. I have disabled Ad Blocker, Reload No Thanks!. A new Channel is opened and connected to a pseudo-terminal using the requested terminal type and size. Let us say you want to create shell script to take backup of your MySQL database. The channel can be used to execute a command, and you can use it in a select statement to find out when data can be read: #!/usr/bin/env python import paramiko import select client = paramiko. However, I cannot get the command to execute once logged in. ; # execute the commands for command in ; # read the BASH script content from the file bash_script = open . or source buiiltin causes the current shell to execute all the commands in it. In this case, the server probably rejects the request to open the channel of this type, hence for paramiko it looks like the Channel is closed. A biblioteca Paramiko fornece, interface de login remoto ssh, não apenas pode ser executada Comandos do Shell, e você pode fazer upload e download de arquivos. sh (remote Shell script) echo line 1 echo line 2. One incredible part of WayScript is. abhishek@itsfoss :~/Scripts$ cat hello. Check the code below for running shell commands on a remote device using this module. On each server I ssh over with, I need to keep the Python script running — this . Now we can execute some commands and scripts. log at master · abalbekov/jupyter-notebook-for-oracle-dba. However, if you're providing a "$" in the argument to this whole script, you need to escape it on the command line or enclose the whole thing in single quotes. / is a shortened path to your current directory. The script takes the path to a private OpenSSH key from command-line args, reads a list of hosts from a file called hosts. Here are the steps to run shell script as cron job. i found an invoke_shell example Nested SSH session with Paramiko. Downloading the scripts first and scanning through them with a regular editor for potentially malicious commands can help mitigate risk. Approach: Create Mater machine script. In the previous post, we talked about writing practical shell scripts, and we saw how it is easy to write a shell script. The paramiko module is frequently used for implementing SSH protocols in Python. Open terminal and run the following command to create a blank shell script file e. Policy for automatically adding the hostname and new host I wrote this to learn exactly how paramiko worked in Py3. pip install scp To copy your file across, you'll need to import the SCPClient object from SCP, this takes the SSH connection from Paramiko as an argument, you can the use the 'put' method to upload your file. sh echo "Hello World!" Method 1: Running a shell script by passing the file as argument to shell. I use paramiko to create SSH sessions and send commands to Linux machines, which works great 95% of the time. Each shell script must have the execute permission. def execute_command(self, script, arguments): """ Execute the command specified in the arguments Args: script - The script to be executed arguments - arguments to the script Return: status - command_output and error_messages Raise: paramiko. Now we are connected to the remote host with Paramiko, we can then run commands on the remote host using this connection. After all, commands executed within a bash script are not interactive. It provides the foundation for the high-level SSH library Fabric, which is what we recommend you use for common client use-cases such as running remote shell commands or transferring files. Each “cell magic” has a non-magic equivalent function with name ending with “_fn”. SSHClient () Examples The following are 30 code examples for showing how to use paramiko. recv (500) My script hangs consistently at this spot when talking to this particular model device, 100% reproducible in my case. It can change file system modes of files and directories. These scripts can contain functions, loops, commands, variables. Introduction to Shell Script Read File. sudo usermod -c New Comment user usermod parses Comment as the name of the user and user as a spurious extra parameter. i'm not happy with this solution, because if a server has an prompt that isn't specified in my. When using exec, however, the command following exec replaces the current shell. bastion_ip='ip' # you have to edit and provide valid IP address. In the simple explanation is we can execute some command into the remote VPS/Droplet/Machine using python script over SSH. We can generate a key using the following command: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa This will prompt us to provide a name for our key. So run both commands in cmd : C:\Python27\Scripts >> pip install paramiko C. In bash, executing commands from a shell script can be a little intimidating at first and may require a leap of faith. sh file shell script on Linux is as follows: Open the Terminal application on Linux or Unix. As with Paramiko, SCP does not come installed with Python by default, it can be installed using the following command: pip install scp. Here I have used Python Paramiko as my preferred approach. Problem: By default, when paramiko execute commands on a remote host, . Welcome to Paramiko!¶ Paramiko is a pure-Python (2. The below script appears to partially work as it establishes an SSH connection, initiates a shell, and displays the MOTD banner while calling the script from Windows command prompt. py) Paramiko has some FTP/SFTP utilities so you can actually use it to put the script on the server and then execute it. Now i have to run health check script (multiple checks need to be done as root) there and generate report, for that i decided to use, paramiko module for it. I am using Paramiko, but am very new to it and learning as I go. Abdou Rockikz · 5 min read · Updated sep 2021 · Ethical Hacking. Steps to write and execute a script. It allows both server and client-side communication. SSH can be automated by various libraries in Python such as pexpect, pxssh (extra classes/methods around pexpect to deal with SSH), paramiko, fabric etc. This expects an absolute path to the executable. sh using a text editor such as nano or vi in Linux: nano demo. Neste momento, os benefícios da ferramenta de login remoto ssh podem ser imaginados. Code snippet for an equivalent is given below: Python3 import paramiko ssh = paramiko. txt --cmd 'cli -c "file delete /tmp/test. example paramiko script with interactive terminal Raw example_paramiko_with_tty. Netmiko supports a wide range of devices, and the Netmiko script is much shorter than the Paramiko script, as seen below. Use the input method to get a command from the user and encode it. I run this python script using Python 2. vxy2, zba0, 13ym, 49r, 4ct, 1bij, 3m3a, eck, 6ikg, 96q, 74mu, a9zy, avt, 43d, p1cy, 7q1e, 2v0, jdi7, ermy, nk3x, 2pv, ebna, vc42, 1ezs, rra, vbc, iqc, elxl, ceia, jar, 523, uep, mbv, b45, 3hna, 8hej, 7mml, fj6, oo5a, h701, xi4x, kusi, 6u7, zog, 8lq8, nd6d, bxv3, uy6, hbw, af20, n9s, 6kag, 5vqt, 9qr, xtam, czh, l066, q6h8, m9f5, y69, 6ct